Dr Emma Wood

Treating Veterinarian

We treated Sound (front fetlocks) in December 2019 which correlates with his turn around in form in February and March 2020, he was again treated in June 2020 (front fetlocks) and July 2020 (left front tendon sheath) after a flare of synovitis. Within 3 weeks both fetlocks and tendon sheath were tight and his action terrific. He went on to run 2nd in the Lexus and win the G2 Zipping Classic (5+ months after injection). As an 8yo stallion Sound tends to hold condition and to reach peak fitness he underwent a tough spring training campaign. On his non gallop days he would complete 4000m of cantering daily, this is a lot of miles on his joints and I do not believe we could have kept him sound without the use of Arthramid. Not only did he perform well but he maintained soundness and his action improved throughout the preparation.

Mike Moroney

Ballymore Stables
Melbourne Cup winning trainer of Sound.

We have used Arthramid Vet in Sound after his Spring campaign in 2019, what delighted me the most is that when treated early in the preparation Arthramid maintained his soundness throughout multiple arduous training and racing campaigns and his joints have never looked better. Welfare in racing is paramount in this current environment so by waiving the need to use cortisone and avoiding risks of its adverse effects I have more confidence in keeping my horse’s sound. From a training perspective I am getting more races into a campaign and stronger performances through to the end, it’s fantastic for my horses, my owners and my team.

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