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Equine Rehabilitation & Conditioning

We tried Arthramid Vet a few years ago, in the early stages of its development. We had a 6-year-old warmblood showjumper that was frequently lame in its near hind fetlock. We’d been trying to manage him with cortisone but with limited success. X-rays had shown up an OCD lesion so we had that removed surgically and treated him with Arthramid. Within 2 weeks he was completely sound and stayed sound over a successful competitive season. When he went a little off again in the same fetlock in his early preparation about 12 months later we went straight back in with Arthramid and the horse has never looked back. I’ve had nothing but successful outcomes since with Arthramid Vet. In my opinion, to help manage performance horses, the occasional use of Arthramid to rebuild and strengthen affected joints is a better option than repetitive treatments of corticosteroids that don’t resolve the initial cause of the lameness.

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