Dr Stuart Vallance

BVSc (hons) Dip. ACVS
Specialist Equine Surgeon (VPB 5894), Advantage Equine Veterinary Practice,
Ascot Vale, VIC, Australia

My involvement with 2.5% PAAG Gel (Arthramid Vet) began in 2014 with a visit to the manufacturing factory in Copenhagen. I met with the lead scientists whom shared their early research and was reassured in the quality and consistency of the product after touring the human approved production facility.

I have utilised hundreds of doses of 2.5% PAAG gel since 2014, and during this period I have learnt how to maximise its benefit in my caseload of predominantly Thoroughbred racehorses. In my opinion, it can minimise the use of intra-articular corticosteroids or other joint therapies used in Thoroughbred stables. 2.5% PAAG is not a cortisone and shouldn’t be expected to diminish acute inflammation like corticosteroids do. In my opinion, it appears to have the greatest clinical effect in appropriately diagnosed joints with low-grade performance limiting lameness that are treated early in the horse’s preparation, or if utilised within a preparation given time (approximately 3 weeks) before one would expect to see a marked clinical improvement. In my caseload, the clinical effect can diminish after approximately 6 months, and I have administered multiple doses in the same joint over a number of years.

The treatment appears safe, and after seeing the manufacturing process I have very rarely concurrently utilised intra-articular antibiotics. The joints can have a mild increase in effusion post-treatment and this usually subsides over the coming weeks. I have very rarely experienced an intra-articular flare response but have learnt to stay calm during this process as they tend to respond to systemic anti-inflammatories, anti-microbial coverage and local cold-therapy.

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