Dr Marc Koene

DVM, Founder and Partner at Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH Equine Hospital in Northern Germany

I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid worldwide and have now used Arthramid for over 10 years in our clinic. We have injected over a thousand horses and have found it to be very safe. It has been a major game-changer in the way we treat OA in our patients. We have fantastic results with really frustrating cases and are still working on new indications and treatment schemes for the product. We are also looking into the ongoing research, especially around the Mode of Action.
There are not many “new” products implemented in our OA Toolbox in recent years. Regenerative medicine and Bisphosphonates were the greatest new assets and I rate Arthramid Vet in the same league. 2.5% PAAG gives us the chance to minimize corticosteroids and we have no threats of “doping positive “ cases. As well, some horses, instead of being destroyed, are happily back in business. I would encourage every orthopaedic vet to try the product. They will love it, if their case selection is appropriate.

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