As a cutting edge treatment, Arthramid® Vet is trusted by owners, veterinary professionals, and trainers. Hear authentic stories from the experts who advocate the success of Arthramid Vet. Or feel free to contact one of our veterinarians to share your own experiences, or if you have any questions for our panel of veterinary experts.

Testimonials From Owners

Stephanie Tierney

Racehorse Trainer

“I was introduced to Arthramid Vet by my veterinarian. I find it to be a very safe, effective and long-lasting treatment and it is well received by the horses.”

Mike Moroney

Ballymore Stables

“We have used Arthramid Vet in Sound after his Spring campaign in 2019, what delighted me the most is that his joints have never looked better.”

Josh Barker

Margaret Park

“I’ve had nothing but successful outcomes since with Arthramid Vet. In my opinion, to help manage performance horses, the occasional use of Arthramid to rebuild and strengthen affected joints is a better option than repetitive treatments.”

Testimonials From Clinical Practice

Dr Marcus Allan

Tauranga Veterinary Services Ltd
New Zealand

“Arthramid Vet enables me to effectively manage problem joints”

Dr Kim Mckellar

AK & K Equine Services
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

“I have been using Arthramid Vet for 4 years treating TB’s,SB’s and equestrian horses. It’s simply the best treatment we have for OA”

Dr Marc Koene

Tierklinik Lüsche GmbH Equine Hospital
Northern Germany

“I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid worldwide and the results are quite astonishing”

Dr Stuart Vallance

Advantage Equine Veterinary Practice
Ascot Vale, VIC, Australia

“I have utilised hundreds of doses of 2.5% PAAG gel since 2014, and during this period I have learnt how to maximise its benefit”

Dr Florent David

Equine Veterinary Medical Centre
Al Shaqab Street, Doha, Qatar

“Arthramid Vet should be in the therapeutic toolbox of any equine veterinarian. I see Arthramid Vet as a solution with great potential, and more work is needed to refine its use.”

Dr Emma Wood

Treating Veterinarian

“On his non gallop days he would complete 4000m of cantering daily, this is a lot of miles on his joints and I do not believe we could have kept him sound without the use of Arthramid.”

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