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Arthramid Vet is distributed in Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East and Asia by Innovative Medical Solutions (IMS Vet). “Our philosophy of innovation remains at the centre of everything we do. Our core mission is to improve the health, performance, and wellbeing of our clients patients through technological innovation, intensive R & D and global partner alliances in the veterinary industry leading to better patient outcomes and client enjoyment of the animals we love.”

Arthramid Vet Since 2012

One thing we are most proud of is our dedicated team. Directors, Dr Jason Lowe and Dr Leigh de Clifford can be found continually researching, attending international conferences and working with global partners to find out about new products and innovations. They are also highly experienced equine veterinarians, working daily with owners, trainers, and top-level competitors and their horses. The amount of research and testing carried out by our team each year is necessary to achieve our goals. Every Innovative Medical Solutions (IMS Vet) product is the result of extensive research and our team understands the need for our animal companions to get the very best veterinary science can offer.

Dr Jason Lowe

Dr Jason Lowe

MBA, BVSc, Cert EP

A keen interest in business led to completing an MBA at Waikato University whilst working as an equine veterinarian. Establishing IMS Vet in 2014 to undertake the clinical research on Arthramid Vet.

Dr Leigh de Clifford

Dr Leigh de Clifford


Born and raised in rural Australia, Leigh grew up around racing, rodeo and camp drafting. Leigh is now a shareholder and senior equine clinician at Matamata Veterinary Services, New Zealand. 

Comments From Clinical Practice

Dr Marcus Allan, Bahrain
“Arthramid Vet enables me to effectively manage problem joints” (read full)
Dr Kim McKellar, Australia
“I have been using Arthramid Vet for years now treating TB’s, SB’s and equestrian horses. It’s simply the best treatment we have available for OA” (read full)

Dr Marc Koene, Germany

“I was one of the first vets to use Arthramid worldwide and it has been a major game-changer in the way we treat OA in our patients” (read full)

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Registered in Australia to: IMS Vet Pty Limited, 1953 Grampian's Road, Fyans Creek, Victoria 3381. Registered pursuant to the APVMA Number 86728/0320. See www.apvma.gov.au for registration conditions.

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