8yr Old Mastiff Cross Elbow OA


Dora, an 8 year old mastiff x staffy bitch had been suffering from bilateral elbow osteoarthritis for approximately two years. She required regular (up to weekly) meloxicam administration to maintain a suitable quality of life but still remained noticeably uncomfortable and unable to exercise freely.


Radiographs revealed mild and moderate osteoarthritic degenerative changes present in the left (red arrow) and right (green arrow) elbows, respectively.

Treatment and Outcome:

1ml of ArthramidÒ Vet was injected into both elbow joints under ultrasound guidance whilst Dora was under general anaesthetic. Over the space of four weeks, Dora became progressively more mobile. Six months later, Dora is no longer receiving meloxicam and is exercising without restriction and has even turned her paw to some part time stock control on her owners sheep and beef farm.

Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG

Precision Medicine

  • Studies show up to 82.5% of horses respond with a successful resolution of joint lameness.
  • Meets Animal Welfare Concerns; Arthramid Vet is not simply a lubricant or painkiller. Its unique biomedical technology that helps heal and restore the joint to healthy function.
  • Made to Last; When compared to traditional treatments for joint lameness, research shows that Arthramid Vet is better and lasts longer with proven efficacy for up to 1- 2 years.
  • One of A Kind; Arthramid Vet's unique and patented IL-X Cross-Linking technology makes it the safest and most effective 2.5% Polyacrylamide (PAAG) Hydrogel available.
  • Addresses Equine Welfare Concerns
  • Long-lasting Clinical Effects of Treatment
  • 82.5% Successful Resolution of Joint Lameness

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