Managing intercarpal joint lameness- 2019 AAEP Presentation

This was a presentation at the 2019 AAEP Convention that looked at Arthramid Vet as a new management tool for equine intercarpal joint osteoarthritis in racing TB’s. 

New treatments for osteoarthritis are always welcomed, and many times a cutting-edge product is presented at AAEP to advise practitioners of the possibilities to manage the equine athlete, with up to 60% of all lameness being attributable to osteoarthritis. One of the discussion topics at the 2019 AAEP Convention focused on intra-articular administration of 2.5% polyacrylamide (PAAG) hydrogel (Arthramid Vet).

The 2.5% PAAG hydrogel (Arthramid Vet) is hydrophilic, homogenous, biocompatible and viscoelastic. It maintains its volume through continual exchange of water with the surrounding tissues. Following injection, cells are able to integrate into the gel through blood vessel ingrowth, collagen deposition and water exchange. The hydrogel does not become encapsulated, but rather integrates within the tissues to stabilize the joint capsule and synovium while also increasing joint capsule elasticity to achieve improvements superior even to a normal joint.

Read more: Published in EquiManagement 30 March 2020, written by Nancy S Loving DVM 

Arthramid Vet 2.5% PAAG

Precision Medicine

  • Studies show up to 82.5% of horses respond with a successful resolution of joint lameness.
  • Meets Animal Welfare Concerns; Arthramid Vet is not simply a lubricant or painkiller. Its unique biomedical technology that helps heal and restore the joint to healthy function.
  • Made to Last; When compared to traditional treatments for joint lameness, research shows that Arthramid Vet is better and lasts longer with proven efficacy for up to 1- 2 years.
  • One of A Kind; Arthramid Vet's unique and patented IL-X Cross-Linking technology makes it the safest and most effective 2.5% Polyacrylamide (PAAG) Hydrogel available.
  • Addresses Equine Welfare Concerns
  • Long-lasting Clinical Effects of Treatment
  • 82.5% Successful Resolution of Joint Lameness

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